Vineyard Management Services

Vineyard Management

Our professional vineyard management services are available to vineyard and property owners across the South West. Since 1992, we have been working with clients to ensure their vineyard operations runs smoothly and efficiently.

We offer many different options for our clients – from complete and comprehensive vineyard management services to one-off solutions during peak season, or when you need us most. Each service is tailored to the unique needs of your vineyard, so you receive a high level of support.

Many of our clients come to us because they don’t want to employ and manage a full time staff at their vineyard. Our vineyard management services enable vineyard owners and mangers to save time and money, by securing quality labour when it is needed.

Here’s what else you should know about our vineyard management solutions.

 The benefits of vineyard management 

  • Lower operational costs – employing and managing full-time staff is costly, and often not a possibility for vineyards seeking to keep their overheads low. Vineyard management allows you get the work done at a fraction of the cost, while ensuring a quality result.
  • Specialist knowledge – our qualified viticulturalists and land managers have many years of experience, working on vineyards across the South West. And, our labourers are trained to perform a wide range of viticultural activities.
  • Improve quality of yields – we draw on decades of viticultural experience to ensure every activity we perform is completed to the highest standard. Our goal is to ensure you grow a quality crop, while streamlining your workflow and operation.
  • 24/7 expert support – we provide annual contracts for clients who require a full vineyard management service, and we’re available 24/7, during peak season or any other time you require our expert support.
  • Quality equipment and machinery – we maintain a range of vineyard equipment, which allows us to efficiently and effectively perform a range of viticultural tasks – from canopy spraying and bird netting to pruning and harvesting.
  • Tailored to your vineyard – we can develop a tailored plan, detailing the level and scope of support you will receive from our team. This comprehensive plan is a clear framework, which allows you to achieve the outcomes that matter to you and your operation.
  • Budget friendly – we provide 12 month contracts for our clients who require a complete vineyard management solution, or we can prepare a detailed quote for specific services you require. Either way, our costing is transparent and affordable.
  • Complementary services – we’re also able to assist with tree planting, landcare and other horticultural solutions that are needed on your property. All of our people are well-trained in their area of expertise, and get the job done efficiently.
  • Highly experienced – we have been providing vineyard management services to clients in the South West since 1992, and continue to work with many clients, including families and local businesses, in the region.

 We deliver a comprehensive range of vineyard management solutions, which can be tailored to the unique requirements of your vineyard or property.

 All-inclusive vineyard management service

  • We take care of every facet of your operation – from operations to technical services and management to overseeing and supplying skilled labour.
  • You are charged on an annual basis – which means our vineyard management services can be easily budgeted for.
  • Technical services are overseen – this includes vine pest and disease monitoring, tractor personnel, irrigation, fertigation and canopy spraying.
  • Management services are handled – including reporting, budgeting, soil assessment, scheduling, winery liaising and supervising workers for optimal quality.
  • 24/7 expert support – from qualified viticulturalists and land managers with specialist knowledge of every facet of the viticultural process.
  • Skilled labour – including all management and technical personnel, as well as integrated vineyard labour, trained and overseen by our experienced supervisors.

Individual services

Each of the services below can be performed within our all-inclusive vineyard management service, as a single service, or we can develop a custom plan to suit the unique requirements of your vineyard.

  • Canopy spraying by licensed technicians.
  • Soil assessment and management.
  • Fertiliser and irrigation.
  • Skilled operators for tractors and other equipment.
  • Supply of trained labourers.1
  • Machinery hire2 – including tractors and Net Wizz.
  • Disease monitoring and vine pest management.
  • Spraying and monitoring programs.
  • Weed management.
  • Viticultural reports.
  • Reports, budgeting and scheduling.
  • Overseeing tasks for quality and efficiency.

Want to know more?

For more information on our vineyard management services, please get in touch. We are happy to visit your property and prepare a recommendation based on your goals and requirements.

Want to know more?

For more information on our vineyard management services, please get in touch.3 We are happy to visit your property and prepare a recommendation based on your goals and requirements.

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