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Machinery & Operator Hire

Vinepower performs night harvesting and bird netting for vineyard owners across the South West of WA. Our skilled team has access to quality equipment, which enables us to handle small and large scale harvesting and netting jobs.

 Depending on your needs, machinery hire is available with skilled operators. All machinery and operators are provided on a hourly basis.

Our goal is to ensure you have everything you need to take care of your crop – using quality equipment and operators, at a price that works for your budget. Here’s what else you should know about our machinery hire, night harvesting and bird netting services.

 How it works  

  • Machinery and operator hire – we provide both our night harvesting and bird netting machinery with skilled operators. Our bird netting equipment includes a tractor & driver, net wizz and two netting labourers.
  • Labour hire only – if you have the equipment you need, but require skilled operators and labourers to handle the job, we can provide a professional support crew to complete the work.

Machinery hire:

We offer the following machinery for hire, with operators, in Margaret River and the South West.

  • Tractor and Netwizz – with tractor operator and two netting labourers.
  • Electronic secateurs
  • Hydraulic loppers (for vine reworking)
  • Machine harvesting (Gregoire G60 harvester) – with operator, spotter, picking trailers and tractors.
  • Tractor & Operator for Slashing and firebreaks.


Our bird netting services are used by many vineyards across the South West. We have the capabilities to put out and retrieve two to four nets using our tractor and Net Wizz, and we can provide a skilled machinery operator and two netting labourers to perform the work.

All of the bird netting machinery we hire out is regularly maintained and serviced, to make sure you receive maximum value for your hire costs. Our operators are highly experienced, with many years of experience with setting up bird netting in vineyards across the South West.

 Our labourers are also well-trained, and understand the importance of getting the job done right. We train our labourers comprehensively, and provide on the job coaching, to ensure you receive a quality bird netting service, within an efficient time frame.

Safety & Quality

We only supply skilled operators and labourers to perform netting and other vineyard work for our clients. Every labourer receives comprehensive training, from vineyard managers and supervisors with years of practical experience and knowledge.

Many of our operators have been performing viticultural work for decades, and understand the need for consistent and quality work. We take pride in the level of service we provide, and always strive to deliver a high standard, within an affordable budget and time frame.

Safety is also crucial to our operation. All of our team members, no matter how experienced they may be, must undergo regular safety training, to ensure they are protected on the job, and know how to make sure your people, and the public, remain safe.

Want to know more?

To discuss your machinery hire requirements, whether it’s for night harvesting or bird netting – please get in touch. We are happy to help you find the right approach for your budget and your viticultural needs. Call us to get started.1

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