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Plantation Services

Our plantation team performs the following key services for clients in Margaret River and the South West.

  • Establishing large plantations and planting – including reforestation and establishing new plantations, based on the goals of the property owner and the ideal seedling type for that particular area of land.
  • Plantation management and control – including aftercare, which is essential in the early phases of plantation establishment. As the plantation becomes more established, maintenance visits will become less necessary.
  • Blue gum coppice thinning – a sustainable and effective form of woodland management, which encourages growth of your blue gum plantation. We can also perform blue gum planting, if you require it.
  • Plantation hardwood thinning and high pruning – to ensure the growth of healthy trees, while enhancing the landscape. This service is performed by our experienced and knowledgeable plantation team.

Blue gum Planting in Margaret River and the South West

The beautiful blue gum (also known as a eucalyptus) is iconic to the South West, and they’re certainly well-suited to the region’s climate and soil conditions. We often perform blue gum planting for property owners in the area, and love to see these trees grow to maturity.

 Our blue gum planting service is performed by horticultural professionals, who understand the unique needs and challenges that come with establishing these majestic trees. Most importantly, preparation is vital to blue gum planting success.

 Nearly every region in the South West is suited to blue gum planting, however it is important to assess whether the trees will be able to grow unhindered by fences or other structures that could inhibit the root system.

 Of course, there are other important preparatory steps necessary before we can begin blue gum planting at your property. We’re happy to discuss these with you, and the importance of taking the right care of your blue gums during the establishment phase.

Quality Matters

Since 1992, we have worked with companies, local businesses, Government agencies and families across the South West. Many of our clients have been with us for years, and we believe this is because of the high quality of service that we provide.

 Whether it’s establishing a new plantation, reforestation or blue gum planting, we perform every project with expert care. Our team includes qualified horticulturalists and tree planting professionals, as well as skilled labourers.

 The professionalism and care we deliver applies to every job we do – no matter what the scale. We are proud of the work that we do, and the long standing relationships we have built with our amazing clients in the South West.

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We pride ourselves on being able to provide high quality, cost effective solutions, efficient and personable service.

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